Saturday, March 26, 2011

About My Ancestors

I just found out some really fascinating news about my ancestors. I would blog about it, but my mom did such a good job of doing it that I'll just go ahead and send you HERE.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sisterly Love

Lately Aiyana has been wanting me to braid her hair after her bath at night. The next morning she has some gorgeous, tight curls to sport for daycare. These pictures were taken Monday morning just before the girls were taken to daycare. I love how the pictures progress into Aiyana eventually putting her arm around Clara. I could make a flip book with these photos. I love my new camera, it snaps pictures so quickly.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our Silly Girls

Look at this cheesy little face. Clara doesn't want to sit in her high chair anymore so she whines until one of us takes her out. She likes to sit in our lap while we eat... spoiled little one.

Aiyana's crazy static hair. I wish I would have gotten a picture of it when I first noticed it, she looked like she stuck her finger in a light socket.

Aiyana looked so pretty all dressed up for church today so I took a couple of pictures of her. I'm slacking on Clara pictures lately so stay tuned for some of her all dressed up.


On Saturday Dana and I headed an hour north of Phoenix to look at a GMC Acadia at a dealership in Cottonwood, AZ. Unfortunately, the Acadia was not what I was looking for despite what was posted by the dealership on autotrader. I was really disappointed because it was a long trip and Dana had a lot of work to do... plus, I really thought that I was finally getting my Acadia. The dealership ended up paying for our gas... and I was on empty so I was happy about that. My mom was watching the girls for us so we made the best of our trip and headed to Jerome on our way back. The first time we were in Jerome (last summer) it was late when we got there and it got dark quickly so I was anxious to get some pictures during the day this time around. It was a dreary day which made for a good backdrop to the town's spooky atmosphere. If you do not know anything about Jerome, check out this website.

View of Verde Valley as you head up to Jerome

Winding through the town on the main highway

Pretty, little waterfall

Many of the houses look like this...

View of the town as you are driving up the mountain (many of these pictures were taken out of my front windshield so they are not crisp shots)

Homes over-looking the Verde Valley

The large building at the top of the picture is a hotel and the building just below it is the town hall. My guess is that the town hall use to be a school.

The winding highway through Jerome...

I think someone lives in this house, but it looks like it's straight out of a haunted movie to me.

More of the winding highway...

Here's a close up of the city hall...

One of the many touristy streets, lined with shops.

Driving through town with Verde Valley in the distance.

Dana and I already plan to go back to Jerome again with the girls. There's still a lot to see and it's really a neat little town.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Post Winter Yard Clean Up

Winters are kind to us in Phoenix, but our poor tropical/desert plants took a little bit of a beating this season.

Let's start with the good...

Dana bought me a beautiful hibiscus plant for Valentine's Day. We plan to plant this in our backyard somewhere.

The navel orange tree got pampered the most during the frosty nights. We covered it with the only extra fitted sheet we had in the house. Note to self... get more fitted sheets for the other plants next winter. This poor orange tree has not really done much growing since we brought it home from the place we purchased it, but I think it looks the best it ever has right now. So what little leaves are there are looking very hearty and healthy. I'm excited for this little guy to take off.

We have these little lizzards running all over the place which is great because they eat the bugs. I don't ever remember seeing so many of them in previous years so I am not sure why they are out in abundance this year.

We thought the boganvias were done for, but alas they sprouted new leaves. I was kind of hoping for their demise because they have thorns that make them really hard to prune back, but I won't just yank them out for the sake of convenience so I guess we keep them. They sure are pretty when the pink leaves start to bud.

This one doesn't look as good, but it will take off. These things are pretty resilient.

Yay... we did not loose the key lime tree. We also thought this one was a gonner. I was so happy to see the new leaves budding out. Bring on the limes!

We did have to really prune it back though ;o(

Lastly... Look at our palm grow. All three of our palm trees did really well with the frost.

A Bit O' Irish

Since I am probably about 1/4 Irish and Dana's somewhere around 1/16th Irish that makes our girls 5/16th's Irish.

With this one, you'd never be able to tell...

She's gonna be tall with those long legs.


Aiyana made this hat at daycare. She's always so proud of her daycare projects... and so am I.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Catching Up

Thank goodness we all survived. I think we have managed to make it through the sickness slump. Clara was the last to get tormented by the bug. Clara had pink eye and an inner ear infection in her right ear. Dana's mom came down from Page last week and stayed with the girls so we could keep them out of daycare and away from the germs for a week. We are all healthy now except that I still have a few swollen lymph nodes in my neck, I am getting occasional headaches and I am really, really tired every day. Not sure what that is all about, but I may have mono and if that is the case then this is how I will feel for another month or two. I am so sick of doctors that I don't even want to go in and confirm my theory.

Here's a picture I took of Clara last week. I thought she looked like a big girl sitting at the table all by herself. Please excuse her ghetto hair-do, she was sick when I took this picture ;o(.

Aiyana really likes Elmo after we discovered Sesame Street games on the computer. So for Valentines Day we bought her some Elmo pj's.

This is still her "I'm tired" pose... right hand playing with her eye lashes and left fingers in her mouth. I wonder when she will outgrow this?

My Christmas Cactus bloomed the other day... woo hoo! The Christmas Cactus plant reminds me of my great grandmother (my grandpa's mom on my mom's side). My mom had a Christmas Cactus of my grandmother's for many years.

Why did I take a picture of shoes, you ask... These shoes were the last item my Nana bought for the girls. She bought them for Aiyana a while back and by the time we got them from Iowa, they were too small for Aiyana to wear so Clara has been wearing them. My grandma was recently diagnosed with Lewy Bodies dementia. We have known for a couple of years that she had dementia, but it was initially diagnosed as Alzheimer's Disease. In any case, my Nana has bought the girls many cute outfits over the last several years, but this pair of shoes remain the last item she bought for my girls and I will cherish them forever. I figured what better way of preserving them than taking a picture of them. Are they not adorable?

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Buenos Aires Broken Heart's Club

I couldn't put this one down... It was good. Thanks for lending me this book mom. I had it sitting on my night stand for about three months before I dove in. Once I started, I couldn't stop (this is why I waited). I read this book in four days. I would have read it all in one day if I had the time. I really wish I had more time to read, I love to get lost in a good book. If anyone has any suggestions for another novel that I can read...