Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nap Time & Church


I essentially have two full days to spend with my girls before it's back to work for five days and my time spent with them constitutes picking them up from daycare, feeding them, bathing them and putting them to bed (with a lot of crying mixed in). One of those two "free" days (Saturday) requires work to be done (laundry, house maintenance, shopping, etc) and it's our only day to muster up something fun to do. That's a lot for just one day's time. The other day is Sabbath Day which is spent with family, going to church and avoiding any sort of shopping that should be done on Saturday. So... with our ward starting church at 1:00 pm now. How do the kids nap? How do I possibly keep my girls in a good mood? Just to give you an idea... Clara usually naps around 11:30 and she will sleep until 2:30, most of the time (she's only taking one nap a day). Aiyana naps around 12:30 and sometimes later. Neither of them will lay down before those times. I know I am not the only one with this issue. I would love to get some advise. It is currently 11:00, both girls are up full force. I'm due for a long day at church if I go. Oh and I feel sorry for whoever is in nursery with this church time ;o(.


Amberly said...

1:00 church is so tricky with naptime. my kids have always been very scheduled nappers- and I am persistent about it. we would just play it by ear... if cooper was super grumpy, I'd put him down for a hour or so when we got home, althouth it's terrible waking them up and you don't want it to ruin bedtime. denten was always great at walking and rocking them to sleep at church so at least they got a little nap. aiyana is too old for that, she may just have to push through, but clara might still nap at church? sorry about this one, it's tricky!

brenda hatch said...

We just switch from 1pm to 9am. CHURCH! 1pm is a killer. The last month Brody would NOT take a catnap before church (which I'm not a fan of catnaps anyway), so we went to a 9am ward just the last few weeks. Horrible, I know. I am a believer in going to your proper ward. Just not looking forward when we have to go back to 9am church.

Tell me when you find out how to solve this one...

tbsomeday said...

ew--is 1pm your only option for time?
that is right in the middle of the day
yes--impossible to keep happy little girls that way