Monday, January 31, 2011

Kick-Off To A Fun Girl's Weekend

I have been a part of an email group that my dear friend Tabby started right before her wedding years ago. The group is called fattoskinnybyspring and there are six of us in the group. I went to high school with three of the girls and five of the six of us share the same profession... Now how cool is that? Tabby started the group as a way for all of us girls to stay connected and we also wanted to shed some pounds before her wedding in the spring (hence the name of our email group). Four weddings, nine kids and some very sad family losses later, we still stay connected via this yahoo email group. I love these girls and it is so nice to have them in my life.

This year we finally arranged a trip for all of us to get together (sans the kids) and have some good old Girl Fun. Unfortunately Shaunet and Jana could not make it and we really missed them, but they plan to save up for the next fun trip. Shaunet lives in Cedar Rapids Iowa and shares the same profession as most of us (EEG Technology) and Jana is Tab's cousin; she went to my high school and also lives in Iowa.

So the people who did make it...
Karri, Tabby, myself & Amy

We kick-started our weekend at TGI Fridays

Here we are at the Sandbar later that night. We gorged ourselves.

Amy & I at The Cheesecake Factory in Phoenix, AZ. Again... we pigged out. I would have had a photo of Shaq to go along with this, but the two attempts I made at taking his picture didn't quite turn out.

I took the girls to see where I worked and we decided to have a photo shoot on the top of the parking ramp. We love posing for pictures ;o)

Amy (far left) was in my high school class, she lived a mile down the gravel road from me growing up and she is now an EEG Technologist in Kansas City. Karri (middle) was in Tabby's Electroneurodiagnostic class and has become a great friend, she is an EEG Technologist in Illinois. Tabby (far right) was in my high school class and I lived with her while we were in college. Tabby also does EEG in Dubuque, Iowa.

Stay tuned for more pictures!!!

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tbsomeday said...

had a FABULOUS time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you so much for being such an amazing hostess!