Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Going on Two and a Half

Aiyana is almost two and a half years old. My mom claims that her eyes are turning green, but it depends on what she is wearing... as you can see in these pictures.

I couldn't decide if I liked the color picture or the black and white one better.

Here she is eating an organic rice cake, I found them in the store as an alternative to cookies.

I think she looks like my cousin Isabel in this picture.

Look at that long hair...

Trying to escape the camera...

Again, I couldn't decide on the color or black and white.

You can see the green peeking through in her eyes in this picture.

Ready for a ride in the wagon...

This has become a new favorite spot for Aiyana... the park in our neighborhood. Aiyana LOVES to run in the grass and I am just tickled pink about her new fascination with running. I can't wait to go to track meets again ;o).

I love this face... It screams enthusiasm and determination.

Look at that form...

" Form" not so good here, but she's two... cut her some slack. This little one is fast for a two year old.


Lindsay said...

i love the door knob photo in black and white. cute!!

Jeri said...

She is forming her own personality, and growing up fast. Those eyes are going to be green just like yours!

tbsomeday said...

wow--her hair is LONG!!
i always forget she is the same age as my baby!
she looks so grown up!!

i couldn't decide b/w the black and whites and colors either

loved the pic with her running and her hair bouncing behind her

can't wait to see her in person
wish i could bring bella along for her to play with