Sunday, January 9, 2011

Glendale Glitters

The town of Glendale has a hot air balloon and light festival called Glendale Glitters before all of the city's holiday lights are taken down until the following year. It was our first year going and although we had a difficult time keeping track of Aiyana in the massive crowd, we did enjoy looking at the amazing hot air balloons.

These are out of order, but Aiyana was a little freaked out by the gigantic bear balloon. It was pretty cool... the balloon that is.

Here, she is pointing at the bear...

A nervous smile...

I thought this picture was cute. My mom had something in her eye and Aiyana was really curious to see what it was.

Clara was less amused by the balloons and more interested in walking around in, what she doesn't realize is, grass ;o). It was the softer version so she was none-the-wiser.


brenda hatch said...

We were going to go to this, but our friends sent us a text saying it was PACKED and no parking. Boo. Glad you go to go :)

tbsomeday said...

wow--looks really cool amber!
you guys go to neat stuff!