Sunday, January 9, 2011

Clara's 1st Birthday Party

Our almost one year old little girl... Clara Elizabeth

Eating Puffs before her party...

Num... num... num...

Clara's walking is getting better... I love that little tongue ;o)

Hanging out...

Big sister, Aiyana (29 months). Uncle Zach and Aunt Mary got her this outfit for Christmas.

Being sassy...

Sisters... gotta love Clara's bottom tooth poking out.

Everyone is singing Happy Birthday to Clara. She didn't know what to think.

A little weirded out by all the attention...

Her first taste of cake... for real. She's not much of a sweet tooth unlike the rest of the family who could consume sweets as their main food group.

Eating big people food. Poor Clara is getting so sick of stage 3 baby food, but she only has three bottom teeth and she can't mash food very well so she always chokes on it. I have to break things into very small pieces for her, but she loves just about anything we feed her.

Opening presents... (Swimming suite from Uncle Travis and Karen)

Playing with presents...

Playing with Clara ;o)

Clara got a wagon for her birthday and she LOVES it, absolutely loves it. She cries when we take her out of it ;o(

They wanted in after their bath. Clara just "ahhhhhh'd" the whole time she was being pulled in that wagon.

Outfit from Nana


Amberly said...

there was something special about this little girl a year ago when she was born, I just loved her! I can't believe it's been a year- she's as darling as ever!

Amber said...

Awe... Thanks Amberly. She's a sweetheart. Didn't you hold her for a while one time at church? Maybe that's what did it ;o)

tbsomeday said...

she is beautiful amber!
i can't believe she's 1 already!!
dang time flies!
time for another one... :)

can't wait to see the girls when we come out

that was quite the super bib you had on her for the cake
i needed one of those years ago :)

glad she loves her just never know for sure what they will take to at that age

cake was cute too