Thursday, December 16, 2010

Second Time Around

As you may recall, I mentioned in an earlier post that Clara wasn't feeling well during our church Christmas party. She was the third person in our family to get sick. The sickness started over the Thanksgiving Holiday with Aiyana, then it was passed on to me, then Clara and finally Dana. We all had what seemed to be a pretty bad virus. That wasn't the end of it, though, because Aiyana appeared to get sick again and Clara never really seemed to get over the first bout of sickness and then I succumbed to another round of sickness.

On Tuesday I woke up with the most pitiful sore throat. I managed to get through some of the work day, but finally decided to go to my PCP and figure out what was sabotaging my throat. Thank goodness I did because I had strep ;o(. I figured that was the case... which is why I went to the doctor to begin with. The only good thing about strep is that you can take antibiotics and feel better quickly. I really held out on taking the girls in to the doctor hoping that they could fight off whatever they had and build a stronger immune system, but with strep being a lingering possibility I knew it was better to have them checked. Dana took them in to a care clinic today and I guess they were never swabbed for strep, but Clara had an ear infection and (based on her symptoms) it was decided that Aiyana had an upper respiratory infection. Alas, all three of us are on antibiotics and Dana is still holding strong. I don't like antibiotics, but I'm sick of being sick so I'm game for anything that might lead to a speedy recovery. I have no PTO left at work and I have no patience left for illness. Mercy please!

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tbsomeday said...

uck amber!
pto is not for sick time--it's for fun time
i'm sorry :(
good news is you can all be sick at once and get it over with
and be good to go for christmas!!

good luck keeping all your antibiotic dosings straight