Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

I don't normally do this, but I uploaded quite a few of the pictures that I took this Christmas. I usually try to select which pictures I want to add to my blog post, but this time I couldn't decide which ones I wanted to leave out. So sorry for the picture over-load.


This is a picture that Dana sent to me on his cell phone while I was at work on Christmas. I wanted so badly to be at home with my family on Christmas morning, but alas there was a surgery I was called in for. So I missed the girls discovering their un-wrapped Santa gifts that were left under the tree on Christmas Eve night. This picture was the best thing that I saw all Christmas day... I absolutely loved it. Aiyana got a tu tu and Clara got a walking toy. I was told that they were both fighting over Clara's toy... I'm not sorry I missed that. I made Aiyana's tu tu... Isn't it darling?

Okay... From this point on, it's evening and, I am home.

We were not opening gifts yet, but I let the girls play with a few presents so I could snap some photos with them sitting still. Yes... Aiyana is pants-less. She refused to put her pants on so I gave up on the idea of capturing pretty Christmas card-like photos.

That would be one of daddy's gifts in Aiyana's hands (seen below). We put it back in the gift bag after pictures were finished ;o).

Clara, walking around with her Santa gift.

More fun with the walking toy... This thing is great and it even turns into a scooter when she's tired of walking with it.

I had to throw these in. I wanted to make collages out of all of these pictures, but I won't have time for that any time in the near future. Clara is teething right now so she is infatuated with putting a wet wipe in her mouth and sucking or chewing on it.



and more...

and it's going in her mouth again...

Here she is kind of giving me the evil eye for taking it away from her for a wet-wipeless picture.

Time for presents...

Cute scarf from Grandma & Grandpa Cummings...

Skirt from mommy and daddy...

A baby doll for Clara...

Clara with her scarf...

She loves it... sarcasm. It is really cute on her so hopefully she will wear it.

To me from Dana's parents. It fits me so well ha, ha. I also got a really cute shirt from my mom and some really great gifts from my hubby.

What is this you might ask? It is many, many pieces of a toy that will provide hours of entertainment for our girls.

Here is my mom's boyfriend, Al, putting it together.

TADA! My mom got this for the girls. It's perfect! Aiyana and Clara both love it.

Aiyana went to work cooking and cleaning in her new kitchen as we sent her requests for food. It was quite entertaining. She seemed a bit over-whelmed with all of our pleas for "food please".

Then someone made the phone ring and Aiyana acted annoyed that she had to answer while she was in the process of getting my mom a drink of water. We had to laugh.

Using the burners. I was so proud of how she stirred with the spatulas and used the lids properly. It's amazing at how much she must really watch what I am doing in the kitchen.

The End

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tbsomeday said...

i love all the pictures!
i can never narrow down so always include lots of pics

LOVE the tutu
so cute
and i loved clara with the wipe
how adorable
reminded me of my girls playing puppy

yes the kitchen is an awesome gift--laughed about the phone comment
it is amazing how much they watch

ps--so much for all the crap everyone gave me about my kids not wearing pants's freeing!