Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ward Christmas Party

Look at the camera and smile giiirrrrlllllssssss!

Okay, that's better ;o). Clara was not feeling well at the time of our ward Christmas party ;o(

Here's a picture of the whole clan with Santa. Dana and I had to sit with the girls because they were too scared of Santa.

and TADA!!! Here's our tree.


tbsomeday said...

lol--what did they have in their hands--must have been amazing!

what is a ward xmas party?

your tree is BEAUTIFUL!
love it!
like the zebra picture a lot too :)

Amber said...

It was their gifts from Santa. Aiyana got a yo yo and Clara got a tiny deck of cards.

A ward is a Mormon church congregation. So there are three wards that meet at different times in our church building. It took some getting use to for me to say "ward". It seemed like such a sterile word at first. Like a hospital ward.

Jeri said...

The tree is gorgeous. I like the ornaments, too! :-)