Monday, November 29, 2010

Pre Thanksgiving

From good times...

to not so good times...

This Thanksgiving left something to be desired for all of us in the Cumming's household. Aiyana started with a fever on Tuesday and by Wednesday both Aiyana and Clara had diarrhea. Since then we have been changing diapers and wiping noses 24/7. I had a sore throat all weekend and woke up yesterday feeling very ill. Now I am just trying to nurse myself back to health. Thankfully the girls are feeling better and thankfully we were still able to somewhat enjoy the holiday. I will be posting some pictures of our Thanksgiving in Page Arizona soon.

For now, here are some pictures of Aiyana helping me bake banana and pumpkin bread.

Yes, those are jars of baby food on the counter and yes I used them in my bread. I didn't have ripened bananas so I used stage 3 Gerber bananas instead. The bread turned out wonderful.

Aiyana admiring our work ;o)

Lastly... I wanted to say "Woo Hoo! Clara cut her first three teeth, all at once."

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tbsomeday said...

what cute pictures
that one in the tub is adorable!

glad to hear everyone is on the mend!