Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year Aiyana was Catarina (a ballerina cat) and Clara was a mummy. Despite my efforts, I could NOT get a decent picture of either one of them. So here is a collection of my best attempts...

Aiyana sitting nice and "lady like"

This one will not sit still for anything these days. I should have wrapped her legs too so she wouldn't move ;o).

without the wrap...

Ready to trick-or-treat. Dana took the back seat out of the double stroller so Aiyana could sit on the bench. It was great for coming and going as she went door to door. This year Aiyana got it right... she had mommy hold the bucket between houses. Last year she wouldn't let go of her bucket and her poor little arms and hands were struggling to hang on.

Our neighbor's daughter Elena (Aiyana's friend). Clara likes your costume, Elena ;o).

I dubbed this The Scary House. The story goes... I walked up to the house with Aiyana who was quite hesitant because of the big scary monster by the door. Inside you could hear a piano, someone was playing classical music. I thought "well scripted" as I rushed Aiyana up to the door to grab the candy and move along. I knocked several times and no one came to the door. The piano continued playing... I tried knocking again... the piano continued playing. Dana was standing by the street and said "there's someone in there, but maybe he doesn't want trick-or-treaters?" I thought to myself "who would decorate this well and not hand out treats?" Just as I figured I must have been bothering the inhabitants I hear a loud bang at the door. Aiyana wrapped her arms around my leg. The door creeps open and then "Rahhh"... Out jumps a guy in a Scream mask. I screamed and Aiyana's lower lip turned under indicating that sort of cry that starts out silent and turns into something really loud and horrific. The guy felt terrible. We got a lot of treats out of the deal and Aiyana slept in our bed that night.

Trick or Treat at my mom's house. My mom gave the girls small gifts and candy.

Clara was kicking back the whole night.

The little bugger sneaking treats at home

Playing with their gifts from Nana.


Amberly said...

I seriously can't stand how darling little clara is, i just want to kiss her little face! aiyana's costume is adorable... you have such darling girls!!

tbsomeday said...

they are so cute amber!!
sounds like fun
my goodness-that guy was crazy with little kids, lol
i woulda been scared!

Jana said...

love the costumes!! Cute pictures of your beautiful girls!! :)