Monday, November 15, 2010

Aiyana's Masterpiece

On the car ride home from daycare I decide to move one of Aiyana's papers behind some things on the passenger seat to ensure that her artwork wouldn't fall to the floor of the car when I approached my next stop. Upon doing so, Aiyana sees her masterpiece and with an admiring smile points to it and says "pretty" to which I proclaim "very pretty".

The rest of the conversation goes like this...

Aiyana: (while pointing to her work) "Aiyana... very pretty"
Me: (nodding in agreement) "Aiyana made a very pretty picture".
Out of sheer curiosity I decide to ask Aiyana what the zig-zagged lines are at the top of her picture
Me: "Aiyana, what is this?"
Aiyana: "name".
Did I hear that right? She tried to write her name?
Me: "what is it honey?"
Aiyana: "Aiyana... name".

Awe... our little sweety attempted to write out her name. I am so proud of her. I think she did a wonderful job too. After all... She got the first part of the A right... over and over and over again ;o).

Second half of our short drive home...

Aiyana: "San"
Me: "What's that Aiyana?" (I had no clue what she was saying)
Aiyana: "San... Shoe off... San"
Me: (still confused) "San?"
Aiyana: (while pulling at her shoe) "Shoe off... dirty san"
She succeeds in taking her shoe off and I see her tipping it upside down as sand pours from the inside into the back of my jeep.
Me: "Oh... sand. You just dumped sand in mommy's car"
Aiyana: "San dirty, shoe off"
The other shoe is removed and once again, sand is dumped into the back of my jeep.

Sigh... it was cute so how could I be mad?

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tbsomeday said...

what a beautiful picture!!
i love those :)
prodigy child already writing her name!
that's amazing