Sunday, November 7, 2010


Our little girl who has the cutest pouty face...
Funny Things that Aiyana Says:

Bye... bye... lay la - This means "bye, bye, see you later"

Momma... are you? - This means "momma, where are you?"

Milkie - This means milk

Happy Bir - She will sing the beginning of the birthday song every time a candle is lit

Where's daddy at? - This isn't funny, but the way she says it is. She will hold up both hands, shake her head, frown and look terribly concerned.

Sho Shun - This mean lotion

Holdie - Hold me!

Ha Me - Help me! Aiyana usually says this if we are tickling her or pretending we are a monster, she will run saying "mommy ha me".

Huh? - She says this any time we talk to her and she has no clue what we are saying

Doing? - What are you doing?

Strange Words she Uses:

Broke it - This means open it

B bar - This means granola bar

Walk Away - Haven't figured this one out yet, but she will walk around the house repeating "walk away, walk away, walk away"

Pictures - This means sunglasses

Songs she Sings:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Clean Up (this is a song that my friend made up and sang to her boys whenever they would clean up the house and now I use it)

Alphabet (she can get to G)

Note: She also counts to 10 and she loves singing a ton of different songs, but this is a list of the ones that she can sing on her own.

Things that Make Me Proud:

1.) Before we leave a room Aiyana will announce "clean up!" and proceed to pick things up and put them where they belong.

2.) Although she can get too bossy at times, she tries to keep Clara out of things that she shouldn't be in.

3.) I like to see her get toys for Clara to play with and I love it when she calls Clara over to play.

Aiyana fell asleep during a prayer with daddy. For my non-Mormon friends... most Mormon's pray with their arms folded instead of clasped together so my little sweety still had her arms folded in prayer after she fell asleep ;o)

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