Sunday, November 21, 2010

Aiyana - 27 Months

Morning Outside on the Lawn

I later learned that she was texting one of the neurologists I work with... oops.

It is close to impossible to get pictures with this little girl looking at the camera. The photo above and below are the best ones I got, this time around.

I thought she looked really pretty in this next photo... If only she were looking at the camera. It looks like her blue eyes would have really popped in this picture.

Aiyana Rose

Okay... Picture time is over.

My MoM hAd ThE iDeA oF aLlOwInG aIyAnNa To TaKe PiCtUrEs Of Me WiTh HeR cAmErA tO sEe If ShE'd TaKe TuRnS aNd SiT sTiLl FoR a PiCtUrE... No such luck, but I got some cute candid shots out of the deal...


tbsomeday said...

she is so beautiful timmerman
that long blond hair!
i always think she's tayla's age and not bella's
lol about the texting

love the camera montage...i don't know how you fine the time

ps--like the background :)

Amber said...

Funny you say that... I feel like I don't have the time to do anything that I want to do. The pictures I take are usually rushed ;o(.