Monday, November 29, 2010

Pre Thanksgiving

From good times...

to not so good times...

This Thanksgiving left something to be desired for all of us in the Cumming's household. Aiyana started with a fever on Tuesday and by Wednesday both Aiyana and Clara had diarrhea. Since then we have been changing diapers and wiping noses 24/7. I had a sore throat all weekend and woke up yesterday feeling very ill. Now I am just trying to nurse myself back to health. Thankfully the girls are feeling better and thankfully we were still able to somewhat enjoy the holiday. I will be posting some pictures of our Thanksgiving in Page Arizona soon.

For now, here are some pictures of Aiyana helping me bake banana and pumpkin bread.

Yes, those are jars of baby food on the counter and yes I used them in my bread. I didn't have ripened bananas so I used stage 3 Gerber bananas instead. The bread turned out wonderful.

Aiyana admiring our work ;o)

Lastly... I wanted to say "Woo Hoo! Clara cut her first three teeth, all at once."

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Few More...

Just had to add these pictures to todays postings...

Clara still hates the grass...

Milk Face

I Want Yours...
Are my girls in style since their pants are too baggy?


An attempt at a formal photo...
Aiyana was ready to jump and Clara was ready to fall


I will be posting more pictures under this subject, but for now I thought I would post this one. I really like the orientation in this picture with Clara in focus and Aiyana in the background. This picture says a lot of things to me... One very obvious thing is that Aiyana seems a little slighted since it is not her picture that is being taken. The little turd probably sectretly adores the camera yet she wont look at it when I try to take a picture of her. I also love the questioning expression on Clara's face... "Why do you take so many pictures, mommy?"

Aiyana - 27 Months

Morning Outside on the Lawn

I later learned that she was texting one of the neurologists I work with... oops.

It is close to impossible to get pictures with this little girl looking at the camera. The photo above and below are the best ones I got, this time around.

I thought she looked really pretty in this next photo... If only she were looking at the camera. It looks like her blue eyes would have really popped in this picture.

Aiyana Rose

Okay... Picture time is over.

My MoM hAd ThE iDeA oF aLlOwInG aIyAnNa To TaKe PiCtUrEs Of Me WiTh HeR cAmErA tO sEe If ShE'd TaKe TuRnS aNd SiT sTiLl FoR a PiCtUrE... No such luck, but I got some cute candid shots out of the deal...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

F Stops... Aperture... Whatever You Wanna Call It

My homework is complete. Here are my examples of using different F Stops on my camera.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I decided I am going to give myself lessons on my camera. My first lesson will be aperture. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just a Couple

Just wanted to share a couple of pictures I've taken with my new camera.

Clara in the Bathtub

This picture was taken while Dana was tickling Aiyana. The camera caught the action with no blurring.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Aiyana's Masterpiece

On the car ride home from daycare I decide to move one of Aiyana's papers behind some things on the passenger seat to ensure that her artwork wouldn't fall to the floor of the car when I approached my next stop. Upon doing so, Aiyana sees her masterpiece and with an admiring smile points to it and says "pretty" to which I proclaim "very pretty".

The rest of the conversation goes like this...

Aiyana: (while pointing to her work) "Aiyana... very pretty"
Me: (nodding in agreement) "Aiyana made a very pretty picture".
Out of sheer curiosity I decide to ask Aiyana what the zig-zagged lines are at the top of her picture
Me: "Aiyana, what is this?"
Aiyana: "name".
Did I hear that right? She tried to write her name?
Me: "what is it honey?"
Aiyana: "Aiyana... name".

Awe... our little sweety attempted to write out her name. I am so proud of her. I think she did a wonderful job too. After all... She got the first part of the A right... over and over and over again ;o).

Second half of our short drive home...

Aiyana: "San"
Me: "What's that Aiyana?" (I had no clue what she was saying)
Aiyana: "San... Shoe off... San"
Me: (still confused) "San?"
Aiyana: (while pulling at her shoe) "Shoe off... dirty san"
She succeeds in taking her shoe off and I see her tipping it upside down as sand pours from the inside into the back of my jeep.
Me: "Oh... sand. You just dumped sand in mommy's car"
Aiyana: "San dirty, shoe off"
The other shoe is removed and once again, sand is dumped into the back of my jeep.

Sigh... it was cute so how could I be mad?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cherished Cards on My 33rd Birthday

Every year I place each of my cherished cards that I receive for my birthday away in a box that houses many cards from previous years. This birthday I received two beautiful cards from each of my parents and I wanted to do more than just stick them in with my keepsake card collection. So I thought it would be nice to scan them and save them to my computer and better yet... post them on my blog.

Clara Turned 10 Months Old Today

Our beautiful baby is a month older today. She's growing up so fast.

Things that Clara can do now...

1.) Crawl (started crawling at 8 months)

2.) Feed herself small snacks

3.) Hold her own bottle (this is delayed because she nursed until 9 months)

4.) Pull her self up to stand

5.) Walk with assistance

6.) Take toys away from her older sister

7.)Crawl up the stairs (We now have to block the steps)

8.)Humm to music (in her own little way)

Nikon D90 or D5000

... that is the question. I have been saving my pennies and I think that I am ready to drop a grand or so on a really nice camera to finally step out of the point-and-shoot camera phase into the DSLR phase of my life. I am still thinking about SLR camera options, but I have it narrowed down to the Nikon D90 or the Nikon D5000. If anyone has any advise to offer it would be very much appreciated. I have done tons of research and I know that either of these two options will suit me. The D90 would be my top choice because it has more pre-set functions than the D5000... better for a novice like myself. However, it is more pricey. I just wonder if the price is worth it because the D5000 can apparently do pretty much everything that the other one can do, but with more manual labor. The D5000 is lighter, but apparently just as sturdy. The D90 has some computer uploading difficulties and may require software. I need to make out a pros and cons list and then compare prices after adding up all the accessories for each one. Decisions, decisions...

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Our little girl who has the cutest pouty face...
Funny Things that Aiyana Says:

Bye... bye... lay la - This means "bye, bye, see you later"

Momma... are you? - This means "momma, where are you?"

Milkie - This means milk

Happy Bir - She will sing the beginning of the birthday song every time a candle is lit

Where's daddy at? - This isn't funny, but the way she says it is. She will hold up both hands, shake her head, frown and look terribly concerned.

Sho Shun - This mean lotion

Holdie - Hold me!

Ha Me - Help me! Aiyana usually says this if we are tickling her or pretending we are a monster, she will run saying "mommy ha me".

Huh? - She says this any time we talk to her and she has no clue what we are saying

Doing? - What are you doing?

Strange Words she Uses:

Broke it - This means open it

B bar - This means granola bar

Walk Away - Haven't figured this one out yet, but she will walk around the house repeating "walk away, walk away, walk away"

Pictures - This means sunglasses

Songs she Sings:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Clean Up (this is a song that my friend made up and sang to her boys whenever they would clean up the house and now I use it)

Alphabet (she can get to G)

Note: She also counts to 10 and she loves singing a ton of different songs, but this is a list of the ones that she can sing on her own.

Things that Make Me Proud:

1.) Before we leave a room Aiyana will announce "clean up!" and proceed to pick things up and put them where they belong.

2.) Although she can get too bossy at times, she tries to keep Clara out of things that she shouldn't be in.

3.) I like to see her get toys for Clara to play with and I love it when she calls Clara over to play.

Aiyana fell asleep during a prayer with daddy. For my non-Mormon friends... most Mormon's pray with their arms folded instead of clasped together so my little sweety still had her arms folded in prayer after she fell asleep ;o)

City Scape Downtown Phoenix

Good times last night... Dana and I got a baby sitter (thanks Dad!) and went to the new City Scape in downtown Phoenix. We loved it. This area will be nice for us because it's only 10 minutes from home. Since it was the grand opening of the new area, the public was treated to free entertainment Friday and Saturday night. We watched Third Eye Blind and it was an excellent concert.

This bowling alley rocks. It's not just any bowling alley either. There are large flat screen TV's everywhere, modern decor, dance music, lounge chairs and couches to sit on while you wait for your turn to bowl, excellent food and a full service bar. This aint your average bowling alley folks... and I'll be back!

View from the east side of City Scape. This was taken before the entire area was jammed full of people.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Can you vote for Aiyana here?

...and Clara here? is doing a baby/child model search with Ford modeling agency and it is free to submit a photo of your little ones. Let me know if any of you decide to do it!

I hate soliciting votes, but I thought I would try this out for the girls. Ya never know...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year Aiyana was Catarina (a ballerina cat) and Clara was a mummy. Despite my efforts, I could NOT get a decent picture of either one of them. So here is a collection of my best attempts...

Aiyana sitting nice and "lady like"

This one will not sit still for anything these days. I should have wrapped her legs too so she wouldn't move ;o).

without the wrap...

Ready to trick-or-treat. Dana took the back seat out of the double stroller so Aiyana could sit on the bench. It was great for coming and going as she went door to door. This year Aiyana got it right... she had mommy hold the bucket between houses. Last year she wouldn't let go of her bucket and her poor little arms and hands were struggling to hang on.

Our neighbor's daughter Elena (Aiyana's friend). Clara likes your costume, Elena ;o).

I dubbed this The Scary House. The story goes... I walked up to the house with Aiyana who was quite hesitant because of the big scary monster by the door. Inside you could hear a piano, someone was playing classical music. I thought "well scripted" as I rushed Aiyana up to the door to grab the candy and move along. I knocked several times and no one came to the door. The piano continued playing... I tried knocking again... the piano continued playing. Dana was standing by the street and said "there's someone in there, but maybe he doesn't want trick-or-treaters?" I thought to myself "who would decorate this well and not hand out treats?" Just as I figured I must have been bothering the inhabitants I hear a loud bang at the door. Aiyana wrapped her arms around my leg. The door creeps open and then "Rahhh"... Out jumps a guy in a Scream mask. I screamed and Aiyana's lower lip turned under indicating that sort of cry that starts out silent and turns into something really loud and horrific. The guy felt terrible. We got a lot of treats out of the deal and Aiyana slept in our bed that night.

Trick or Treat at my mom's house. My mom gave the girls small gifts and candy.

Clara was kicking back the whole night.

The little bugger sneaking treats at home

Playing with their gifts from Nana.