Sunday, October 24, 2010

My 33rd Birthday

Last night my mom and I went out to eat at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant in Tempe and then headed to The Big Bang (a dueling piano bar), it was a good time.

This morning my dad took Dana, the girls and I out to breakfast to this place called The Farm. It's a wonderful place nestled in the trees in South Phoenix. I only wish I knew about it sooner because I really liked it. They have three restaurants and most of the seating is outside. It was a beautiful October morning for breakfast too. I want to go back for lunch and dinner sometime. The restaurant that serves dinner looks fabulously romantic.

One of the many gardens on the farm...

Dad's girlfriend, Doris, testing Clara on the grass... Just like her sister, Clara hates the grass too ;o(. This grass was soft, like Iowa grass, so now I know that my girls are just city-prissies. I thought they hated the grass because our backyard grass has thick, hardy and sharp blades, but I guess they dis-like all grass. Course, Aiyana doesn't mind the grass now. Is it a baby thing or are my girls really that sheltered from the outdoors?

Pretty Purple Flowers

Entertainment with sticks while we wait for breakfast

A rose...

Yummy lemonade...

Checking out the guests...

Aiyana is waiting for breakfast with grandpa...

Heading out...

One last picture... I wanted so badly to get more pictures of Aiyana in the natural light because her eyes were a beautiful shade of blue, but she would NOT sit still long enough, the little stinker. This is the best one I got.

As usual... not a single picture of me. Seems kinda silly since it is my birthday, but pictures of the kids are much more fun... for me anyway.


Amberly said...

we love the farm... such a great lunch spot! hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

tbsomeday said...

oh the pic of clara avoiding the grass made me laugh and laugh
so cute!

and aiyana--sipping the drink with her eyes looking up

that green jumper was adorable on clara too

sounds like you had a nice bday

girls look fabulous
need some pics of you though--like you said

your dad's girlfriend looks very pretty also :)

Sara said...

Love the picture of Clara trying to avoid the grass! My kids are the opposite, my older girl loves to pick it and throw it in the air, and my 9 month old loves to sit in it and try to eat it. And I'm so glad to hear that your thyroid nodules are benign!