Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time For A New Camera

I decided that I want a new camera. Anyone have any suggestions, or advice, on a digital SLR type camera that is user friendly enough for a novice like me? I've been doing my research and I am aware that the proper lens makes all the difference. It looks like there are many lens options out there and I will be needing more than just one. It's all over-whelming for me, but I really want this. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE taking pictures. I also want to take a course on photography so I am going to look into that at the local colleges. I am so excited about this new venture.

I am most interested in purchasing a Nikon... I have always wanted one. This is one that I found on sale at Cosco CAMERA. I'm not even sure if this is a good one to purchase for someone with little lens experience or if it has too many limitations for me to continue learning during my photography journey.


tbsomeday said...

let me know what you come up with
though i prolly have to stick to point and shoot

another blog i followed just got a new camera

she references searching camera using tips from another awesome blog i follow

Torey said...

We just got the new Cannon Rebel and also purchased the zoom lense. I love it so far. Easy to learn, great pictures, and the MAJOR bonus is that it takes HD video with sound. We liked it so much that we shared it with our pediatrician and friend and he purchased one the next day.