Thursday, September 2, 2010

North Rim of the Grand Canyon

In no particular order, here are some pictures we took on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon...

It was very windy that day if you can't tell. This was my mom's first time seeing the canyon from the north side.

This picture was actually taken on our way to the canyon. A forest fire that started from lightening caused a large area of trees to burn :o(

That little bundle of Clara wasn't so easy toting around on the trails.

Aiyana had a blast

We took the Bright Angel Trail to view the rim

Here's a little video snippet. Aiyana appears clumsy on her feet, but she's actually quite the sturdy little one. Maybe it was the altitude that had her off balance? Anyway, that's not why I am including this video. Little Clara wanted to steal the spotlight for a while so she uses her ever-so-loud vocals to gain the camera attention. This is very typical of Clara's vocal expressions. My mom was disappointed I didn't video tape some of the canyon as we were walking along, but who wants to see the canyon when you can see these two little cuties?

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tbsomeday said...

oh my goodness--i'm tired looking at those trails and seeing you with the carrier on

couldn't see the video? :(