Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Clara 8 Months Old

I love this girl... She is such a sweet little one and although I look forward to all the wonderful milestones ahead; I don't want to see these baby years go by.

Clara is just about ready to crawl, in fact I think she will be all over the place in about a month. Initially I was concerned about Clara's lack of interest in babbling and using consonants. Don't get me wrong... Clara is loud and she lets her presence be known, but her communication has thus far consisted of this wrenching "ehhhh" noise, an ever-so precious "ohhhh" noise and not much else. That is until today. Now we can add "thah, thah, thah, thah" to the list. I guess I cannot expect both of my girls to reach their milestones at the same age. Aiyana babbled earlier than Clara, but Clara has outdone Aiyana in the sitting department.

Here's a video of Clara's new sound...

1 comment:

tbsomeday said...

she is so beautiful amber!
i just can't get over all that hair!

i couldn't see the video here at work...i'll try to catch it at home

love the black and white with color :)