Thursday, September 2, 2010

Camping in the Kaibab National Forest

These pictures were taken on our way up to the Kaibab National Forest

We traveled many-a-mile on these gravel roads to find our campsite. If it weren't for Nicole (Dana's brother's wife) almost running us off the road I don't think we would have ever found where everyone was camping. Thank you Nicole ;o). You could easily get lost in this forest.

My mom took this picture... we decided that Aiyana must have been deep in thought.

Clara is all bundled up for the cooler weather. It dipped into the lower 50's that night... brrrr. That's too cold for us Phoenix folk.

Nana & Clara

Dana took Aiyana for a quad ride and despite the look on her face in this picture, she really enjoyed it.

Aiyana & her cousin Skye

All packed up and ready to head to the north rim of the Grand Canyon... Who needs carseats anyway?


tbsomeday said...

you do such fun things amber!
i can't imagine all the traveling around you do with those kiddos...i can barely make it out of the house for soccer practice!

beautiful pics

Karri said...

I can't wait to see all this for myself!!!