Sunday, September 5, 2010

All About Aiyana

The princess shoes... she walks around in this toddler version of pumps like it's nothing. The clip ends with her tickling me ;o)

She doesn't think she's too big for this... Note how she call's me teacher in this video... that's Aiyana's new name for us.

Entertainment at it's finest...

Yay!!! She's learning to ride her tricycle all by herself


tbsomeday said...

me and the girls found it all very entertaining :)

i swear the ages on kids toys should have like 1-2yrs added to them
baby toys aren't fun until you're not a baby anymore

lol--there's no way to say no to a little kid saying please :)

very cute

good work on the trike aiyana!
what a big girl!

ps--you sound just like your mom amber!

Zach said...

Can't believe how fast time has gone. She's really growing up fast