Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aiyana... Almost 26 Months

Every day that I pick this girl up from daycare I am greeted with the biggest, tightest hug that a two year old can possibly give. It is the best feeling to have those little arms wrapped so tightly around me. Aiyana is learning so much that I can hardly keep up with all of the new things that she is doing. Today she counted for me during our car ride home from daycare. I usually like to sing to her on our way home, but today when I started to sing a familiar tune she held up one finger and very firmly said "NO". I thought "well maybe she doesn't like that song anymore" so I started a new one and... "NO". I felt a little rejected to tell you the truth. I asked what she wanted to sing and she smiled then started to count while holding up her fingers. So we counted instead.

I finally ventured off to the pond that my husband has told me about. The pond is about five minutes from our house and there's a one mile walkway around the perimeter. I was pleasantly surprised at how pretty it was and I wished that I had taken advantage of it being there sooner. In any case, I found a new favorite place to walk when the weather gets cooler.

Aiyana has become quite the little helper around the house. Dana says she's just like me and I have to smile to myself and think "yep... she is". Aiyana might even exceed my level and need for cleanliness and even I find her a bit over-the-top about certain things. For instance, she will not continue eating if she spilled some of her food on her place mat; she will insist it be cleaned up before she takes another bite. Things like that make me crazy at times, but I am thankful that she picks up after herself at such a young age and she is very pleased with herself when she helps mommy clean around the house. Gotta teach 'em young ;o)

My Angel... Aiyana... fast asleep.


tbsomeday said...

she looks like such a fun little girl!
i can't wait to come hang out with her and get to know her in person!

lol--i remember the first time dessa didn't want me to sing anymore--it was heartbreaking..but the holding the finger up made me laugh

aren't they such a joy!
i love this age--and the year leading up to it
it goes so fast!!

tbsomeday said...

lol about the cleaning :)

Heatherlady said...

What sweet girls you have. It amazes me sometimes the love I have for my babies when they are asleep!