Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good People

I am thankful for good people and for this girl who made my flight from Salt Lake City to Phoenix as pleasant as it could be following some hard times. It wasn't easy flying with a two year old, a seven month old and running on no sleep the night before... especially given the state I was in. So a big thank you to her! Oh and Aiyana still talks about the balloons in her pictures ;o). She does phenomenal photography so stop by her blog.


tbsomeday said...

your changes worked amber!!!!!!!!!
i can comment at work now :):):)
i'll have to change mine

glad you met a nice woman...i am amazed at the strength you have--i think i'm superwoman if i go to the grocery store with all the girls--let alone fly!!

thinking of you during this time--loveandhugsandprayers!!

ps--her pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i will look at them more when i have time

Amber said...

Look at her pictures too Tab. You can click on that label on her blog to look at them. I told her I want to hire her to come take pictures of my kids ;o)

Jessica Rae said...

Oh my! COULD YOU BE MORE WONDERFUL!!! I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for you right now. It seriously was a joy sitting by you and taking time to get to know you and your darling kiddo's. Its awesome that we have the internet and we can keep getting to know each other through cyber-space:)

loves! Jess