Sunday, August 1, 2010

Aiyana's 2nd Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated Aiyana's second birthday and it was a lot of fun... Aiyana seemed to be enjoying herself anyway. The little bugger stayed up past nine o'clock and didn't seem to tire out or even get cranky... I was impressed.

For dessert we had ice cream cone cupcakes with fun fetti cake and fun fetti frosting and a butter cake with vanilla frosting in the center, chocolate frosting on the outside and M&M's, one of Aiyana's favorite candies.

Here's Aiyana blowing out her candle... "Make a wish Aiyana!"

Aiyana received many wonderful gifts and every one of them were perfect for her. Here's a picture of Aiyana on her first tricycle from her Nana. Some of Aiyana's gifts included dress up shoes from mom and dad, a baby doll that grandpa Timmerman picked out for her, a handmade apron from her aunt Mary (made by Mary's sister), a baby doll and stroller from Al, clothes and a handmade night gown from grandma and grandpa Cummings and a Barbie bath toy from her cousin Jolie.

Here's Aiyana strutting her stuff in her new dress up shoes, notice how she puts her foot out to admire them ;o)


tbsomeday said...

lol--she's so cute--just like her mommy!

glad she had a wonderful birthday!!
she's so grown up with that long hair...i can't believe she's the same age (nearly) as my baby

sounds like she got some wonderful gifts too

Karri said...

Colton got one of those tricycles as a gift too(a while back)and he loves it!!!

Pretty cute!!