Sunday, August 8, 2010

2010 Annual ASET Convention Louisville Kentucky

This year I served as chairman for the general session at our 51st annual convention for neurodiagnostics. I had a wonderful time serving on the committee and I hope that I will get an opportunity to help out with the ASET organization again in the future. My role, amongst other things this year, was to introduce all of the speakers for both general session days. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures during the convention, but I got some wonderful pictures of Louisville Kentucky thanks to my husband who traveled along (we brought Clara with so I could continue to nurse).

Clara enjoying some carrots on the comfy, cozy hotel bed. She took a tumble off of the bed shortly before this picture was taken. I felt so horrible for leaving her on the edge like I did. I thought I was going to pass out with fear when it happened, but she was okay... thank goodness.

Can you see those cute little toes poking out from under the blanket? ;o)

Clara, fast asleep.

Dana and Clara did some sight-seeing downtown while I was at the convention.
They went here...

and here...

and here they are...

This was one place I couldn't miss. After my meeting on Saturday and before we flew out, we went to see Churchill Downs.

Look at that cutie pie.

This is the stadium. The row of chairs in the center is called millionaire's row. That's where all of the celebrities and millionaire's sit during the Kentucky Derby.


Amberly said...

what a fun little trip for all of you! so cool you got to see churchhill downs- and squeeze such a darling baby!!

tbsomeday said...

glad you had a great time and got to bring along clara and daddy
i so wish i could have gone!! i would have loved to see churchill downs!

the picture of clara (well all of them--but specially the horse one) is so cute!