Monday, August 16, 2010

Why Didn't I Do This Sooner?

I just want to say that I paid a landscaper to come over here and do some work in our front yard and I couldn't be more happy about my decision. Don't get me wrong, I am a do-it-yourself-er, but sometimes you just have to say "how much can one really do and be sane?" In this case it was a matter of do it yourself and pass out or call "mercy". I called "mercy". I started the work myself this morning, but as the temperature sweltered I started to become weak and felt like I might pass out. I was wrapping up the trimming on the bushes when I glanced over at the neighbors yard in envy. His landscaper is out there regularly so he had his little pruners out carefully plucking away at the nicely manicured tree in their front yard. Meanwhile I had the power trimmers out hacking away at bushes that looked like they belonged in an un-inhabited rain forest. I got all of the pruning finished and then I gave up. There was no way I was going to manage picking up the trimmings. I marched on over and asked the landscaper how much he'd charge for a clean up and if he could do it today. He said fifteen dollars... "SOLD". He's out there now and I am just beside myself with giddiness. He is doing such a wonderful job AND he is doing more than I asked. The trees and bushes are pruned beyond my own expectations and he has managed to clean up months worth of old, dead clippings that were left from previous attempts to manicure the yard. Hey... I deserve this and sometimes working full time can pay off. I just have to give myself these rewards once in a while because Dana and I just can't do it all.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good People

I am thankful for good people and for this girl who made my flight from Salt Lake City to Phoenix as pleasant as it could be following some hard times. It wasn't easy flying with a two year old, a seven month old and running on no sleep the night before... especially given the state I was in. So a big thank you to her! Oh and Aiyana still talks about the balloons in her pictures ;o). She does phenomenal photography so stop by her blog.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Clara Pictures - 6 Months Old

In no particular order... Here are some photos I took of Clara tonight. She looked so cute after her bath... I couldn't resist ;o)

I love the drool in this one ;o)

Focusing on her toy

I think she looks a lot like I did in this picture... minus the hair of course.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

2010 Annual ASET Convention Louisville Kentucky

This year I served as chairman for the general session at our 51st annual convention for neurodiagnostics. I had a wonderful time serving on the committee and I hope that I will get an opportunity to help out with the ASET organization again in the future. My role, amongst other things this year, was to introduce all of the speakers for both general session days. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures during the convention, but I got some wonderful pictures of Louisville Kentucky thanks to my husband who traveled along (we brought Clara with so I could continue to nurse).

Clara enjoying some carrots on the comfy, cozy hotel bed. She took a tumble off of the bed shortly before this picture was taken. I felt so horrible for leaving her on the edge like I did. I thought I was going to pass out with fear when it happened, but she was okay... thank goodness.

Can you see those cute little toes poking out from under the blanket? ;o)

Clara, fast asleep.

Dana and Clara did some sight-seeing downtown while I was at the convention.
They went here...

and here...

and here they are...

This was one place I couldn't miss. After my meeting on Saturday and before we flew out, we went to see Churchill Downs.

Look at that cutie pie.

This is the stadium. The row of chairs in the center is called millionaire's row. That's where all of the celebrities and millionaire's sit during the Kentucky Derby.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mary & Mason's Visit

Look at that sweet face... My sister-in-law brought my only nephew over from California to pay us a visit. I haven't seen this little guy since he was born in November of last year. Mason is 8 months old now.

All the cousins had fun playing together.

Aiyana and Mason took a bath together and we thought they looked so cute in their towels that we had to take a picture.

Me with Mason

My mom and her three favorite grandchildren ;o)

Aiyana's 2nd Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated Aiyana's second birthday and it was a lot of fun... Aiyana seemed to be enjoying herself anyway. The little bugger stayed up past nine o'clock and didn't seem to tire out or even get cranky... I was impressed.

For dessert we had ice cream cone cupcakes with fun fetti cake and fun fetti frosting and a butter cake with vanilla frosting in the center, chocolate frosting on the outside and M&M's, one of Aiyana's favorite candies.

Here's Aiyana blowing out her candle... "Make a wish Aiyana!"

Aiyana received many wonderful gifts and every one of them were perfect for her. Here's a picture of Aiyana on her first tricycle from her Nana. Some of Aiyana's gifts included dress up shoes from mom and dad, a baby doll that grandpa Timmerman picked out for her, a handmade apron from her aunt Mary (made by Mary's sister), a baby doll and stroller from Al, clothes and a handmade night gown from grandma and grandpa Cummings and a Barbie bath toy from her cousin Jolie.

Here's Aiyana strutting her stuff in her new dress up shoes, notice how she puts her foot out to admire them ;o)