Saturday, July 3, 2010

Aiyana's Antics

All the funny things about Aiyana...

Aiyana loves to imitate Clara and pretend she's a baby all over again. One day after daycare I found her chilling out in the infant carrier. I sat down next to the carrier to nurse Clara and, before long, Aiyana was fast asleep. She actually napped after daycare... it was a miracle.

Aiyana LOVES bananas. I mean LOVES them... and when she eats them she will take HUGE bites. She also has to hold the banana herself because, to her, half the fun is peeling it.

Another thing Aiyana loves are shoes. Oh my goodness, this girl can't get enough of shoes. I've been told that she walks around daycare convincing the other little kids to take their shoes off so she can trade with them.

She will take your shoes if she sees them laying anywhere so "watch out"!

On that note, I took Aiyana to the JC Penny outlet store to pick out a pair of sandals this week. Aren't they cute?

Aiyana's an observant little cookie... Apparently she watches mommy feed Clara very closely. The other day my little one took it upon herself to sit in the same spot that I sit in while nursing then she carefully placed the Boppy on her lap, reached out for Clara (or for me to put Clara on the Boppy for her) and then she lifted her shirt for Clara to nurse. Clara just smiled at her. It was very cute.

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tbsomeday said...

aw, she is such a good big sister!
i totally had to laugh about the shoe thing...sounds like you are in t-r-o-u-b-l-e...may-as-well look for another job to support your shoe bill now :)

the picture of her falling asleep in the carseat was so sweet
and i think it's so cool when little girls pretend to girls always nursed their dollies :)