Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aiyana is 2 Years Old

I struggled to take a picture of Aiyana this morning as she actively ran around the house making a game out of me trying to capture a good photo, but... alas... daddy managed to capture this adorable shot. Good job Dana!

Seems to be the tradition for Aiyana... a special princess cupcake on her actual birthday (I am making a cake and ice cream cone cupcakes for her party on Saturday).

She LOVED it, of course. Just like her mom and dad... she has a sweet tooth.

Clara... not so much, ha, ha. No, actually this was Clara's first taste of something besides breast milk, formula or baby food. She just may be the only one in the family that doesn't crave sugar.

I was sad to not spend the entire day with Aiyana, but my mom picked her up from daycare and brought her to work to see me. I was grateful for that.
So... My baby girl is 2... Crazy how time flies.
I love you Aiyana!

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tbsomeday said...

it is crazy how time flies!

i can't believe how grown up she looks...i always think she's closer to tayla's age than abriella's

hope she has a great party tomorrow!