Sunday, July 11, 2010

Aiyana & Elena

What constitutes a good time for a one year old?

How about running? Here you see Aiyana waiting for daddy to say "go", she has her arm up because Dana will say "ready-set-go" with his arm up and then drop it at "go". Aiyana is imitating him. Elena isn't quite sure what all of this is about, but she thought it looked fun.

Cups with water in them... now that's FUN. Aiyana and Elena enjoyed filling their cups with water, drinking some of it and then pouring the water on each other... or the floor. Good times ;o).

How about picking on the little one? Actually, they were not trying to pick on poor little Clara, but Clara didn't find the attention all that fun. Aiyana decided to use her as a pillow and little Elena was patting her head as if to say "good little baby".

...and here we have throwing cups. Yes, my little Aiyana decided it would be funny to throw her cup at unsuspecting Elena. Good thing Aiyana's aim isn't that great.

All-in-all play time was fun and we enjoyed having our neighbor friend over to hang out with us.


tbsomeday said...

ah, 1yr old play time...where they don't know what it's like to play with each other yet...only next to each other with their own agenda :)

we do "ready, set, go" here provides great joy for all ages :)

fun pictures :)

Darren said...

They're growing too fast! I need to come out and see them before they go off to college. Geez! Miss you all.

Jana said...

Cute pics Amber. Love how they include Clara in their play date too :)

Angel said...

Thank you for posting this - its' so great to see! And for having Elena over - she had a great time!!! I can see them growing up pals - it will be so fun to watch!