Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pigeons, Candling and Motherly Instincts

Pigeons... Flying Rats... Whatever you wanna call them. They can sure be a nuisance, but today I actually felt bad for trying to evacuate them from our roof.

We have had a pigeon problem from the day we moved into our house and it wasn't until recently that we have done anything about it. About a month ago I bought some metal spokes that were on sale at ACE Hardware (those things are not cheap by the way). Dana put the spokes up right away and we saved some to place wherever the darn birds moved to next. We were told that they would find a new spot... and they sure did. So today, Dana went back up the ladder to caulk more spokes and he found a nest with two eggs and a very stubborn bird that would not leave the nest. After much coaxing... Dana got the bird off the nest and, against his wishes, removed the nest with the eggs. We caulked the remainder of the spikes and later today I saw three birds perched up on the roof next to the spot where the nest once sat. Even though I was pissed that they found a new spot, I felt really bad for taking their nest. An hour after that, one, lone, bird sat up there looking in the direction of the old nesting spot... so sad ;o(.

I took the eggs (one of which was already cracked) and made a make-shift nest in our lime tree. I am sure that the birds will not come back for them, but I had hoped that maybe they were close to hatching on their own. Tonight I took a flashlight and the inside of a toilet paper roll, to the good egg, and saw the beginnings of an embryo. This skill I learned from a good friend of mine in Iowa who raises her own birds, it's called candling. It was really neat to see the inside of the egg, but again made me feel bad that I had disturbed the nest. I placed the egg back outside and I now wish I could save that little bugger. I am sure it is too late though. If I knew how to incubate the egg and feed a baby pigeon I would probably do it, but I don't. I guess it's my motherly instincts that make me feel sorry for a creature that has forced me to scower the west side of my house once a week leaving me with bird poop stains and remnants that I have yet to succeed in preventing.

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tbsomeday said...

aw are so sweet, lol
i can picture both your horror at all the poop you've had to clean up and you hand feeding a baby "flying rat"--then having it spend it's entire life pooping on it's (your) home :)
at least you didn't see a mostly formed little chick in there....maybe those embryos would never have made it anyhow....not mom and dad are free to go raise babies in a more appropriate place

thanks for the link :)
candling is pretty fun!
we've got chicks due this coming week....