Saturday, June 5, 2010

Next She'll Be Baby Sitting

So I walk into the living room and this is how I find my baby just after I put a fresh diaper on her. For a second I thought that maybe I had taken the old diaper off and forgot to put on a new one.

I was beginning to feel very irresponsible until I see this...

Aiyana had Clara's new diaper in her hand. Mystery solved, but why would she do such a thing? Well because SHE wanted to be the mommy and clean Clara up and put on her new diaper.

How sweet ;o)


tbsomeday said...

aw, what a good little helper!
clara looks so long!
goodness gracious she sure hasn't lost any hair!

aiyana's hair is really a lot lighter!

lovely girls :)

like the new background too!

Amber said...

Clara's in the 100% for length ;o)

Jana said...

haha cute pictures Amber! I Love the one with Clara just looking at Aiyana! You girls are adorable. And what a fun little helper you have!!!

Darren said...

That looked like a fun little trip. Aiyana must be gettin strong the way she was pushing Clara. Hey to Dana!

Darren said...

I have the hardest time posting a comment! Server is always down when I get on. Anyhoo, glad you guys had a fun trip last week. Aiyana is growing so fast it's freakin me out! Hey to Dana. Darren