Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Dana and I stayed home Saturday to do some things around the house and then we took off for the 'Out of Africa' wildlife park on Sunday morning. All week we talked about doing something for the holiday weekend, but we really didn't make up our minds until the last minute on Sunday morning when we decided to just go for it. I am so glad we did because it was a lot of fun and we needed to get out and do something as a family.
Aiyana had nice views of the park from atop daddy's shoulders.

Clara and I are waiting for the jeep safari tour to start.

The tour allowed us to get very close to some the African wildlife. None of the animals are trained and the environment they are kept in is as close to their natural habitat as possible.

It was a very hot day and Aiyana passed out right after we left the park.

We didn't have any definite plans for the rest of the holiday, but we decided we wanted to visit Jerome Sunday evening. So we headed west to Jerome and it was a beautiful drive. Neither of us expected Jerome to be such a scenic town and we were pleasantly surprised to see how magnificent the views were. The town is nestled on a cliff and the views were amazing looking up along the drive and also looking down when we reached the town. I wished that I had more daylight to take pictures because it was so neat. Dana and I decided that we will definitely be making a trip back there.

Here is a picture of Verde Valley

Aiyana seemed spooked from the minute we arrived in Jerome. I had to take a picture of her face. Jerome is said to be one of the most haunted places in the United States and many believe that there are a lot of old spirits floating around the town.

This is a picture of an old building in Wyne Arizona. This town is only one mile from Jerome, set higher in the mountain, just past the abandoned mine. Gold use to be mined in this area and it was once a booming town. Now there are only seven residents in Wyne.

This is a picture of the place that we ate, it's called the Haunted Hamburger. A coworker of mine recommended it and the food was great. I thought it was interesting how all of these orbs showed up in my picture.

Again, no plans for the remainder of our mini vacation, but I knew I didn't want the fun to stop so instead of traveling just an hour back home, I suggested we get a hotel room in Camp Verde so we could continue to spend time together.


This is what the girls did as soon as we got to the room. Dana and I had large blizzards from Dairy Queen, but I don't have any pictures of us pigging out, sorry ;o).

The next day we woke up and headed to Montezuma's Castle which are ancient Indian dwellings that were built on a cliff side. Essentially, they are old apartment buildings built by the Native Americans many years ago. I have always wanted to go and see them so I was excited to finally get the opportunity to go. There are more that exist in the state of Arizona so I hope to see those some day as well.

This is an Arizona Sycamore tree. I love the color of the bark.

This was the natural water source for the tribes that lived in the castle and they also used it for their crops.

Here's a video of Aiyana pushing Clara in the jogging stroller. I thought it was so cute how she put her head down and appeared to be very focused on getting somewhere with it.


Anonymous said...

Your girls look sooo much alike!!!

tbsomeday said...

lol--places to go...people to see--don't get in aiyana's way :)

great pictures as always amber
had to laugh at aiyana's "spooky" jerome face..i woulda peed my pants

i bet there is a ton of cool history in arizona
verde valley is beautiful!

sounds like an exhausting and wonderful day!

ps--i woulda liked the dairy queen pig out pictures :)

Darren said...

Don't you wish they would always stay this little? How much does Montezuma's apartments rent for? I'm looking for a place to live.