Monday, June 7, 2010

Clara 4 Months Old

Clara will be 5 months in just two weeks. I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone since she was just a newborn baby. This little girl is just a ray of sunshine, she smiles all of the time and she loves to watch Aiyana at play. You can see it in her eyes, she just wishes she can get up and play with her big sister. Clara has started to discover her hands and she is really good at balancing her bottle and pulling her pacifier out of her mouth and then sticking it back in. If you lay her on her tummy, she is bound to roll over onto her back and those long legs are kicking constantly. Clara is in the 97th percentile for length and 47th for weight, she's a long and lean baby. The dress that Clara is wearing is one that I wore when I was a baby.


Karri said...

I put Kali in my take-home outfit from when I was young. Love seeing it worn again!

She is really tall and super cute!!

tbsomeday said...

i thought she looked really tall in that last post
she is beautiful!
i can't believe how fast time is going
very cool that she is wearign your dress
your mom kept it up well!

Darren said...

Clara looks so cute in that dress that you wore when you were little. She might become a super model if she keeps growing like she is. Geez!