Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Visit with Shi Shi

Last weekend I took Aiyana up to see Shiloh. I also brought Rollis some of Shiloh's things like his dog bed and his elevated food bowls. I was hoping Aiyana would remember Shiloh, but much to my disappointment that was not the case. Shiloh certainly remembered her as he ran right up to us without a second thought. Shiloh is generally shy around children so I knew he remembered Aiyana when he ran up to her to sniff and say hello with his tail fiercely wagging. His bold greeting sent Aiyana rushing towards me, arms in the air and a panicked look on her face. I swooped her up and sat her back inside the car while I knelt down to greet my old friend. Boy do I miss him. Rollis has been taking good care of him, though, and you can tell she really loves him. I was a little disappointed to see that Shiloh had gained quite a lot of weight and resembled nothing of the healthy Pointer that I had adopted him out as. I was in turmoil over his huge jump in weight when a friend of mine pointed out that it's better he be fat and fed than lonely, isolated and hungry. Not her exact words, but it's true... I'm just happy that he has yet another person who loves him and a wonderful home.


tbsomeday said...

i'm so happy you got to go see that he is so loved!
he's still handsome and not as heavy as i pictured him to be
you have a very wise friend :)

Amber said...

I only posted the pictures that make him look like the old Shiloh. You can't tell how big he really is in these pictures.