Sunday, May 23, 2010

Clara's Laugh Party

When a baby is born, the Navajo's believe that the "wind" (soul) enters the body, but is not attached to the body until the baby's first laugh. So everyone in the family and all of the family's friends want to be the first one to make the baby laugh. This lucky person gets to host a party to celebrate the child's soul joining it's body, for it's when she laughs that her soul is attached. Before she laughs she is watched over by the Holy People, but once she laughs... the Holy People realize that she is taken care of. It is said that this is the reason why a baby will stare off and sometimes smile when there is seemingly no one there to interact with... the Holy People are there watching over.
Clara's party went well and everyone seemed to have a great time. I have been preparing for this party for quite a while and I am sad that it is over with already. I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I had hoped to, but I tend to take too many pictures anyway. Clara sported her name-sake onsie with a little bling on it.... thanks Carminda & Lori ;o). She looked adorable, but the picture below shows a very cranky little girl. Let's just say that Clara wasn't exactly laughing at her "laugh party", but she did okay. Clara was also able to wear her turquoise jewelry or as Dana might call it, her native ice. The Navajo's believe that when a baby is born he/she lives in the soft world and during that time you are not suppose to put anything hard and fixed on the body or they may take on those qualities. After the laugh party, the baby can wear jewelry, bracelets or other decorations.

Here, Clara is putting a pinch of salt on Aiyana's food. Salt is traditionally given as part of a gift to the guests at a laugh party because it was a high dollar commodity at one time.

Jen is holding a Navajo taco in this picture. We served a traditional roasted corn soup with fry bread and all of the fixings for Navajo tacos. Dana claims that the Navajo were the first to make a Native American version of the taco, but other natives also make tacos so they are commonly called Indian tacos when you are around other tribes. We, however, call them Navajo tacos ;o)

I added my own little twist to the party by introducing a hula hoop contest. I figured it would get people laughing and what better to do at a "laugh party" than laugh. My mom took the prize... No one compared. Here she is showing off and holding Aiyana while she hula hoops.

Here are a couple of pictures of Clara with her big sister. I was taking pictures of Clara when Aiyana came up and sat next to her on the chair. Aiyana even wrapped her arm around Clara's neck to pose for the camera. Sibling love ;o)

I thought this one was funny because Aiyana's looking one way and Clara's looking the other.

Grandma Cummings kneeling in front of Clara to talk to her.

This was Clara mid-party. The blanket was given to her by Grandma Cummings.

In addition to giving salt at the party, Clara gave gifts to her guests. The tradition of the baby giving gifts is meant to teach the baby how to be giving throughout his/her life.
Here's a picture I took of the girls earlier in the day... precious.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dana's Yard Sale Find


...and a small bistro table with two stools that match the table.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Wasn't sure what she kept looking at under the chair, but then I realized that the vibration was on and she was trying to turn it off. Note how she was attempting the actions to the Itsy Bitsy Spider while she was singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... Cutie Pie ;o)

Our Visit with Shi Shi

Last weekend I took Aiyana up to see Shiloh. I also brought Rollis some of Shiloh's things like his dog bed and his elevated food bowls. I was hoping Aiyana would remember Shiloh, but much to my disappointment that was not the case. Shiloh certainly remembered her as he ran right up to us without a second thought. Shiloh is generally shy around children so I knew he remembered Aiyana when he ran up to her to sniff and say hello with his tail fiercely wagging. His bold greeting sent Aiyana rushing towards me, arms in the air and a panicked look on her face. I swooped her up and sat her back inside the car while I knelt down to greet my old friend. Boy do I miss him. Rollis has been taking good care of him, though, and you can tell she really loves him. I was a little disappointed to see that Shiloh had gained quite a lot of weight and resembled nothing of the healthy Pointer that I had adopted him out as. I was in turmoil over his huge jump in weight when a friend of mine pointed out that it's better he be fat and fed than lonely, isolated and hungry. Not her exact words, but it's true... I'm just happy that he has yet another person who loves him and a wonderful home.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

This was my first Mother's Day with two little ones in my life. It was also my first Mother's Day with my mom living right here in Arizona... Yay!!! Needless to say, I had a wonderful Mother's Day. Sunday morning, Aiyana brought me breakfast in bed (Dana made breakfast burritos as a gift from the girls). It was so cute watching Aiyana balance the plate while Dana helped her walk my breakfast to me. After church, my mom came over and we made lasagna. We also went through a lot of things that my mom had saved for me from when I was little. I am so grateful that my mom was diligent about saving special things from my past. I now have several of my old dresses that my girls will be able to wear. I also pulled out some of my favorite old books and toys that look like they might be able to with-stand more wear. I even found my old recorder which I cleaned up and handed over to Aiyana. She succeeded in sticking it in her mouth and drooling inside of it. So I cleaned it again and stowed it away for a later time ;o).

This is the best group shot we could get. Aiyana does not like to sit still for a picture lately.

Here's a picture of the front of our house, taken after I pruned the bushes.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Good News... Bad News

GOOD NEWS.... Drum roll PLEASE...

Aiyana is officially sleeping in her toddler bed as of a few days ago. The first night I layed next to her until she fell asleep. The second night I also layed next to her, but I got anxious and left the room before she fell asleep. I was amazed when I realized she wasn't going to protest. So the following night I layed her down and walked out after our prayer and she was as content as can be. YAY!!!


I did find her sleeping like this on the second night. Her feet were on the ground and her body was twisted around the side rail. Aiyana was fast asleep and non-the-wiser as I snapped a couple of pictures then hoisted her back onto the bed.

No GOOD NEWS for this next topic... just BAD NEWS...

Dana twisted his ankle 8 days ago and it still looks like this. It was much more swollen just a few days ago. It happened while playing basketball at the church. He landed on it wrong after jumping up for the ball. I feel bad that he has to hobble around barely able to take care of himself, let alone two babies. I also feel bad that I can't do more for him. Might I add that I also feel sorry for myself since I have to pick up a lot of the slack around here ;o(.

I'll leave this post with one more bit of GOOD NEWS to close on a positive note...

I spent a couple of hours pruning the plants in my front yard and it looks spectacular. I will post some pictures this weekend.