Monday, April 5, 2010

Clara's First Day at Daycare

Yes... we look happy in the picture, but at least one of us was sad ;o(. I put the girls in a half day at daycare today and will be doing the same tomorrow to ease them back into full time starting on Wednesday. This morning I held Clara and cried while she slept in my arms. I was so sad. Clara was in between wake and sleep and she gave me this sweet little grin that she often makes when she is semi asleep. That grin made me feel better. It was almost as if she was telling me that it will be okay. Aiyana went to daycare for a couple of days last week while I was in Iowa and apparently cried after being dropped off on the first day, but she did okay today. She didn't seem excited, though, instead she walked quietly into the room and sat at a table to work on a coloring project. I peered in the room once after I settled Clara in and she was still sitting at the table looking a bit un-enthused. I am sure she will start to like being there again soon enough. Clara was none-the-wiser and was goo gooing at a mobile above her bouncer before I left. All-in-all it went okay and I am glad I can ease them into their daycare routine rather than just dropping them off full time right away. I am sure that this was all a lot harder on me than it was on them.


tbsomeday said...

how'd it go?
how's back to work?

Sandi said...

Those are sad days. Maybe some day you can just be a Mom and stay home with them.