Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Aiyana is Almost 21 Months

...and look at those teeth! Since turning 20 months, Aiyana's vocabulary has taken off. Some of her frequently used words are; ba or babba (Bottle), wa wa (Water), di pew (diaper), ka kara (Clara), shewie (Shoe), toe-ee (Toe), no, dank dew (Thank You), Uv Ew (I Love You), eye, nose, hi, bye bye, yah (Yes) and uh oh to name a few. Times are tough for Aiyana as she is starting to feel a little jealous of Clara these days. Since I have been back to work it has been hard for both of us adjusting to the limited time we have to spend together. All I can say is... I love this little girl so much... my Yanna Banna.

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tbsomeday said...

she is beautiful amber!
she looks so grown up...i forget that our girls are essentially the same age...since yours is your oldest, and mine is my baby...they seem so far apart in age
that first pic totally makes her look like a big girl