Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Lil Momma

Aiyana is Almost 21 Months

...and look at those teeth! Since turning 20 months, Aiyana's vocabulary has taken off. Some of her frequently used words are; ba or babba (Bottle), wa wa (Water), di pew (diaper), ka kara (Clara), shewie (Shoe), toe-ee (Toe), no, dank dew (Thank You), Uv Ew (I Love You), eye, nose, hi, bye bye, yah (Yes) and uh oh to name a few. Times are tough for Aiyana as she is starting to feel a little jealous of Clara these days. Since I have been back to work it has been hard for both of us adjusting to the limited time we have to spend together. All I can say is... I love this little girl so much... my Yanna Banna.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Clara's Sick

It was probably inevitable with daycare and all, but now the baby is sick. First Aiyana, now Clara. Clara doesn't seem to be as sick as Aiyana was so I hope it's just a minor cold. Maybe the good ol' breast milk will keep her immune system nice and strong. Aiyana went to five months before she got sick and it was just a mild cold when she did. Course Aiyana didn't have a toddler sticking her fingers in her face or giving her wet, slobbery kisses when I'm not looking. I guess I have to keep telling myself that sickness builds immunity.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Clara is 3 Months Old

My baby is three months old already... That's still considered newborn in my eyes ;o). Clara is the most vocal baby I know. She will squeel, smile and giggle whenever she gets attention. I love talking to her and seeing her eyes light up while she coo's back at me. The outfit she is wearing in the pictures below is from Grandma Cummings.

Happy to Have the Weekends

Oh boy... my first full week back at work and I have to say that it is NOT easy ;o(. I really don't want to whine and complain on my blog, but I am going to. So here it goes...

- Wake up at either 4:30 or 5:15 depending on whether or not I have to monitor a surgery at work.
- Nurse Clara and get ready for work (or the other way around)
- Get the girls ready for daycare
- Give Aiyana her bottle
- Grab my pumping gear, purse and breakfast-on-the-go
- Work (that's the easy part)
- Leave work at either 3:15 or 4:00, or later depending on the day.
- Pick up the girls and drive home
- Unload nursing bag, label and store bottles
- Empty bottle bag and clean bottles to be ready for re-use the next day
- Change the girl's diapers and or clothes from daycare (if dirty)
- Nurse Clara
- Feed Aiyana
- Get clothes ready for daycare the next day
- Give Aiyana a bath (Clara also gets one every other day)
- Nurse Clara
- Give Aiyana her night-time bottle, put her in her night-time diapers, brush her teeth, read a short story, pray and put her to bed (this is usually around 7:30 or 8:00)
- Try to keep Clara awake while I fill bottles for daycare
- 8:30 to 9:00 - start thinking about dinner while trying to keep Clara awake until I go to bed.
- Change out of my work clothes while thinking about dinner
- Change Clara's diaper and put her in her pj's
- Eat something really fast and very unhealthy
- Nurse Clara in bed while falling asleep around 10:00
- Put Clara to sleep, pray she doesn't wake up around 3:00 am, brush my teeth and crash

I'm Happy to Have the Weekends ;o)

Keep in mind that while I have one of the girls, Dana has the other so this is how his weeknights go as well. Sigh.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Poor Sick Baby

She doesn't look too miserable in this picture, but she really is. Aiyana woke up a couple of days ago with thick greenish, yellow snot crusted all over her face. Wouldn't ya know it... two weeks after starting daycare and she's already sick. I don't miss this AT ALL. I love my daycare, but I hate the sickness that the kids pass around.

I took Aiyana to a care clinic today and the nurse practitioner said that she has an inner ear infection in her right ear and her temperature was slightly elevated. She also, clearly, has conjunctivitis (pink eye) in both eyes and her nose is so stuffed up I can't even suction it. She can't breathe so she slobbers everywhere and every time I wipe her nose, more snot appears... literally like two seconds later.

So... I have eye drops, antibiotics and an infant decongestant for her. I hope tomorrow brings a less slobbery, less snotty, less eye goopy day for us because their Nana gets here tomorrow and I am super excited for them to see her again.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Clara's First Day at Daycare

Yes... we look happy in the picture, but at least one of us was sad ;o(. I put the girls in a half day at daycare today and will be doing the same tomorrow to ease them back into full time starting on Wednesday. This morning I held Clara and cried while she slept in my arms. I was so sad. Clara was in between wake and sleep and she gave me this sweet little grin that she often makes when she is semi asleep. That grin made me feel better. It was almost as if she was telling me that it will be okay. Aiyana went to daycare for a couple of days last week while I was in Iowa and apparently cried after being dropped off on the first day, but she did okay today. She didn't seem excited, though, instead she walked quietly into the room and sat at a table to work on a coloring project. I peered in the room once after I settled Clara in and she was still sitting at the table looking a bit un-enthused. I am sure she will start to like being there again soon enough. Clara was none-the-wiser and was goo gooing at a mobile above her bouncer before I left. All-in-all it went okay and I am glad I can ease them into their daycare routine rather than just dropping them off full time right away. I am sure that this was all a lot harder on me than it was on them.

Aiyana With A Spoon

Aiyana has been feeding herself for a while, but she does really well with the utensils so I thought I'd get a clip of her feeding herself. Of course, when I start filming she drops some food on her tray ;o). I like how she sucks every last bit off her spoon... just like her dad.

Happy Easter!!!

This Easter was Clara's first and Aiyana got her first basket of treats from the Easter Bunny. We also taught Aiyana how to hunt for eggs. She figured it out quickly, but Dana and I had to laugh at the lack of enthusiasm. Maybe next year it will be more fun for her.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Girls are Asleep

...so I had some time to play

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Black Eyed Peas

I think I will have to put this concert up with the likings of Metallica... yep... it ranked right up there. I was super excited to go to this concert, but I must admit that I was skeptical as to how good they would sound while performing live. I have been to plenty of rock concerts in my day (Metallica being my favorite), but never a hip hop concert. Actually, this was both mine and Dana's first Hip Hop concert. I have been told that hip hop music doesn't sound that good at concerts because it is difficult to get the acoustics right and the sound is nothing like what you would hear on the radio. Well, the Black Eyed Peas sure sounded good to me and we had killer seats to make the experience even better. I had a great time and the music was awesome. I knew just about every song, even for the opening act (Ludacris). Thanks for the Valentine's Day gift Dana! It was a spectacular idea ;o)