Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who Loves Our New Stroller More?

I'm in the family room nursing Clara while Aiyana carries out her typical daily activities of rearranging the contents of the drawers under the TV. A little while later I watch Aiyana pitter patter her way through the kitchen and into the formal room. At this point I cannot see her and I assume she is playing with one of her many toys that furnish that area of the house. Then I hear a familiar squeal, the kind that tells me she is frustrated with something that wont do what she wants it to do. I continue to hear her struggle, grunt, groan and protest and think to myself... "she must really be motivated in her quest to do whatever it is she wants to accomplish"... Then it is quiet... Most moms know that quiet usually means no good. So I decide I better go check it out. This is what I find...

Relief... and lots of laughter from mom. So to answer the question in my post title... SHE DOES!

Aiyana just loves going for walks in our new stroller. It's not like she never went for walks before, but I think she likes seeing Clara riding along with now. We went for a walk to the park shortly after this picture was taken. I got Aiyana out to play, but she went down the slide once and then trotted back to the stroller and held her arms up to be put back in. I'm glad she likes it as much as I do ;o)


Karri said...

Yeah quiet is not something that should be coming from a 1 year old and even in my case with a 3 year old. CUTE!!

tbsomeday said...

lol--that picture made me laugh!
that was worth the price of the stroller right there :)
kids are wonderful!