Sunday, March 14, 2010

It Has Come To This...

A double passenger stroller... and, oh boy, do I LOVE it. I cannot wait to try it out. This will serve as a jogging stroller as well since we don't really have the money to buy both. We plan on keeping our single jogging stroller for jogging on the mountain trails, but this one will be good for taking both kiddos out for a run in town and it will also be good for taking to the mall or zoo, etc.

This is how I will be using it for the next several months until Clara gains some head support for the front seat. The back seat also comes out so that an older child can sit on a bench in the back or else stand when he/she gets tired of walking.
Aiyana is 19 months now and it is more difficult than ever to get a good picture of her. Here's one where she actually sat still long enough for a non-blurry photo.

I had some fun with this picture using my new photo editing software.


tbsomeday said...

ok--i LOVE your photo edited picture
i love bringing color out in black and white
you'll have to send me the link

nice stroller :)

aiyana looks cute--i often like the non-smiling pics more than the smiley ones...something innocent about it

Jana said...

Love your stroller! I have one similar. Only difference is in the back of the stroller mine you can stand or sit.. but the sitting there's no back to it. I would have loved to have the back part. Breckin would have liked it better I'm sure. Love the black and white with the color. Aiyana is beautiful.