Thursday, March 4, 2010

Aiyana and Clara

Aiyana went in for her 18 month check up earlier this week and my poor baby needed her second hepatitus A vaccine and a routine CBC work-up. Mommy bought her a milk shake since she had to have two pokes, poor baby. I don't mind shots as an adult, but I remember how much I feared them when I was little. She looked so sweet sipping on her tastee shake ;o)

Clara is 5 weeks old in this picture. She is such a smiley little thing. I finally caught a little grin with this photo.


tbsomeday said...

a cbc? is that routine down there?
i've only done lead tests--which SUCK!
abriella goes in a couple weeks for hers...uck

that picture of clara is ADORABLE!!
she is so beautiful amber

Karri said...

YUMMMM!!! and cute cute smile!