Friday, February 19, 2010

Thoughtful People

Thanks so much to those of you who have helped me out since Clara has been born. There have been some pretty rough days, but also some really good ones. As most of you already know, it is tough taking care of two under the age of two. My patience has been tested and my heart has been pulled. Today I had Clara in my arms because she had been fussy most of the morning and Aiyana stood by me sobbing. She was calling me "Mommy" which she hardly ever says. Her little arms were reached up to me and she cried like her feelings were so hurt. I knew that if I put Clara down she would start crying again. I try to only let Clara cry if I am showering, eating, feeding Aiyana or tending to some other necessity with Aiyana... but what about Aiyana's play time? I felt terrible sitting there and watching her cry so hard. I wish I could divide myself and do more. My friend and neighbor, Angel, came to the rescue and took Aiyana over to her house to play with their daughter Elena. I am so glad she asked me if Aiyana could come over because I never would have asked for the help. To my luck, Clara finally decided to sleep just before Angel arrived. So what better way to spend part of my free time than catching up on my blog? ;o)

I realize that I am surrounded by good people here in Phoenix. I may not have all of my family here, but I have people here who care and that's the next best thing. Just a couple of days ago Sister Lorena Frietz stopped by my house to give me a chocolate cake, snacks for Aiyana and some play-do for her to play with all because she saw on facebook that I was having a cruddy morning. Also, Sister Amberly Robinson saw the same post on facebook and brought me pink flowers yesterday. We have also received dinner from several people at our church (Deirdre Eager, Ashley Nilssen and Lindsay Faller) and let me tell you, that is an awesome thing when you have a newborn in the house. Thank you so much to the women who have stepped in to help me out and make me feel better, I only hope that I can return the favor some day.

My friend Tabby always says that having two is twice the work, but ten times the love. This video says it all for me. My little girls are so special to me and they make the tough days all worth it.

;o( Unfortunately the video is too long for me to post so I either have to try and find software to edit it or else for-go the video. Finding the software seems like too much work at this point. I am really bummed because it is such a cute video. Earlier today I caught Aiyana covering Clara up with a blanket and then she kept patting Clara's tummy and then trying to pick her up by sliding her hands behind Clara's back. She also moved her diaper to the side to see if Clara needed a diaper change, just like mommy does ;o). It is really a darling video clip.

Here are some small clips that I took later in the day. Aiyana is not as nurturing in these, but you will get the idea.


Karri said...

Very nice to have such wonderful people where you are Amber. Going from 1 to 2 is hard, just love them and stay strong.

tbsomeday said...

i'm glad you have such great people around you amber! your friends back here appreciate them taking such good care of you!
it'd be really hard not having family close by
the flowers are beautiful--so cheery!

love the videos--specially the part in the first when aiyana is playing with clara's hand then breaks out in a huge smile
melts your heart when you see them together...clara's crazy hair cracks me up!

thanks for the link to me too :)

hang in there and make sure you get some time for just yourself too!
the crying is heartbreaking, i'm pretty anti-cry and sometimes you just can't make it happen
here's what helped me through some of those early days
the kids will never remember it, lol