Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On My Own...

...during the day for the rest of my maternity leave that is. I took my mom to the airport this morning. She was here for three weeks to see her new granddaughter enter the world and to spend some time with me and the kids. My mom was such a tremendous help while she was here. As most of you know, newborns equal sleepless nights, but my mom would wake with Aiyana in the mornings so that I could sleep in and that was wonderful. I am a horrible nap taker and therefor can't ever catch up on sleep during the day. I am going to try this "nap" thing out today though. Wish me luck!


Michelle said...

I am terrible at naps too! I can be walking around in a fog... and still can't sleep during the day- go figure. Good luck!

tbsomeday said...

i'm sorry your mom had to go
i'm sure that was sad :(
great that you got to have her help for a few weeks though!
great picture!!

ps--good luck with the naps
i never did with the first and with the second, when i realized i NEEDED it, it was a rare time they were napping together--tayla was such a fussy butt