Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Clara is One Month Old

Clara turned a month old on February 13th. The date snuck up on me and I must say that I was a little sad knowing that my little Clara is not going to be a newborn forever. Don't get me wrong... I love the stages where a baby interacts more, but I also don't want to leave the newborn phase so soon. Clara never fails to make me proud. The day after we brought her home my mom, myself and Dana witnessed true smiles form on her little lips. At just two weeks I caught Clara laughing in her sleep and at three weeks I made her laugh out loud. Clara has also been able to hold her head up on her own since we brought her home. Her eyes light up when you talk to her and she is very engaging. I am so excited to see this little one learn and grow. We love you Clara.


Darren McGee said...

super cute!!!!! can't wait to see her in person. Darren

Anonymous said...

super cute!!!! Can't wait to see her in person. Darren

Michelle said...

Oh, my goodness. That precious little face--- and the hair is just icing on the cake. What a sweet little girl you have!

tbsomeday said...

she is SO striking!!
do you just look at her and go, "i can't believe that beautiful little girl is mine?"
you made a good one, again :)
happy one month birthday
that went FAST!

Jana said...

Happy 1 month old! She looks like such a happy baby! Love her hair.