Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Love My Little Girls

I love them so much. Aiyana likes to point at her little sister a lot. So whenever we ask her to give Clara a kiss, we usually end up with a toddler finger in Clara's face. Sometimes Aiyana will give her kisses in the air. They were both in great moods for pictures and thanks to my mom's wonderful idea of laying them next to one another, I got some good shots in their Little Sister/Big Sister shirts.


Amberly said...

amber, I seriously can't get over how beautiful clara is. I almost want to cry when I see her! makes me wish denten's navajo genes were a little stronger! hope you're doing well!

Karri said...

Very cute Amber. I didn't realize how much hair she has. I love getting pictures of my kids together too. Congrats again!!

tbsomeday said...

clara is striking!
well, they both are
such lovely girls and the pictures radiate joy!