Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Hodge Podge of Things

It's nice to see a bit of green in the winter. Our palm trees are looking great and our oranges are just about ready to be picked... all four of them that is. The navel orange tree is not very big yet, but when it gets bigger it will provide us with a lot of yummy fruit. Aiyana tried to pick one of the oranges today, but the stubborn thing wouldn't come off the stem. I guess that means it needs more time. My dad brought us over a barrel cactus from his property up in Cave Creek. He is starting to clear some of his land to build a house and he thought that the barrel cactus would have a nice home with us. We have it in a pot for now, but I plan to transfer it into the ground in a few months.

1 comment:

tbsomeday said...

too cute at the orange tree
i am jealous that you get citrus fruits in your back yard!

love aiyana's piggies and the christmas carol music--one of my very favorites!