Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

This year we went to Page Arizona for Christmas to celebrate the holiday with Dana's family. It was Aiyana's second Christmas and I really thought that she would not get very excited about it since she doesn't fully understand what Christmas is all about yet. Boy was I wrong about that one. Aiyana woke up early Christmas morning because she could hear her cousins opening their gifts by the tree. She got super excited and started running down the hall and shouting then running back into the room where Dana and I were laying down and still hoping to get more rest. It was so cute. So we quickly got up and headed off to Grandma and Grandpa's (Dana's parent's) house so that Aiyana could open her gifts. She tore into the gifts like she had been doing it for years. For Christmas Aiyana got some cool new sunglasses, a big sister t-shirt, a bath toy, some barrets, a book, a winter coat, UGG boots and a baby doll.

On Christmas Eve, Santa made a visit to the little ones and brought each of them a gift. Follow the pictures below to see what Aiyana thought about that. You can click on the picture collage to get a better view.

We had a good time visiting family in Page. Aiyana even learned how to play the piano. Here are a couple of videos. One is of Aiyana and Dana playing a duet on his mom's piano. Aiyana got really into her performance... she's so talented ;o). I also included a video of her opening one of her gifts. She loves to wear every ones sunglasses so Dana and I thought we should get her some of her own. You could tell that she felt so cool with them on.


tbsomeday said...

aw, she is so cute!
she can sing and play the piano--very talented! i like how she hit that high note after dana
glasses are adorable...tayla had a spell where she wore them all the time--it makes me smile just thinking of it

i bet her boots are pretty cute too!

Jana said...

Aiyana is at the fun age with opening presents!! Looks like she had fun! Love the video with the piano!! :)

Kaytlinn's Blog through Mommy's eyes!! said...

So happy that you guys had such a good holiday season! We did also and are so thankful that nobody was unable to participate due to being sick :) Luckily it seemed to miss each of the holidays. We are all doing well and are so glad to hear you are as well. WOW less than a month and you will have another family member! We are also having a girl we found out. Time just goes so fast!! Hopefully 2010 goes a little slower so we can enjoy it a little :)