Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bath Time

Aiyana went through a phase where she hated her baths, but now we are back on track and she is really enjoying them. Actually, we have a hard time getting her out of the tub now. Dana bought Aiyana a basketball hoop and some balls for bath time and I think he gets the most enjoyment out of his new gift to Aiyana. She likes to watch daddy shoot hoops, but notice how she ducks every time he throws the ball? Too funny. Daddy's determined this little one is going to be a baller. I'm thinking she should follow in mommy's footsteps and join the dance and cheer team ;o). Actually... I don't care what she decides to do as long as she runs track ha, ha.

1 comment:

tbsomeday said...

so cute amber!
she is adorable--i love those "yays" with the clapping :)

i can't believe dana can get the ball in that tiny little hoop! that's pretty good!
perhaps he will volunteer for all bath time duties now (thought that's a pretty fun job when the kids like it)

casey is determined our girls run too, lol