Sunday, December 6, 2009

Aiyana is 16 Months Old

Oh how fast you grow little one. Aiyana turned 16 months on the 29th of November. She is my little toddler now, running around and into everything. I will miss the days where it is only about her. Soon enough, there will be a little sister added to the mix. Life will be even sweeter with two precious little girls around. Aiyana I love you so much sweetheart.

I am so grateful for her kisses, her uh ew's (love you's) and her tight embraces. My favorite part of the day is picking her up from daycare and seeing the excitement on her face as she runs towards me with her arms up for me to hold her close. Oh how I love that part of my day ;o).

While in Novato for Thanksgiving my sister-in-law recommended a photographer friend of hers to take pictures of my belly. Laurel kindly snapped some shots of Aiyana too. These pictures would be the first professional shots we have had taken of Aiyana and Laural did an excellent job. I will post some of the pregnancy photos later as I have yet to buy the rights to all of the pictures. I will receive the cd soon, though, and I will post more later.


Jana said...

Aiyana is beautiful. You will love being a Mother of two and Aiyana will love having a sister to grow up with!

tbsomeday said...

ah yes, it goes by way too quickly!
it was really hard for me at times to be happy about the second one coming because i felt so sad the days of just me and dessa would be over...
but...i knew she would be happier with siblings than an only child's true--you do somehow love that second one just as much as the first--though it seems impossible

her pictures are so sweet
love the first and last one best :)