Saturday, October 17, 2009

Long Time No Post

Catching up... we've been sick. Blah... I am sick of being sick and sick of dealing with sickness and the RSV season has only begun. I hope this means that we are immune to all of the junk floating around for the rest of the season. You sick people STAY AWAY from us! That is a demand ;o) After an urgent care visit for me and a Goodnight Pediatrics visit for Aiyana we have been sent home with antibiotics that make our tummies upset, ear drops, decongestant, steroid nasal spray, Motrin and extra strength Tylenol between the two of us. I even had to take Oxycontin for a day because I had such a severe sinus infection that it caused the worst headache I had ever had in my life. With Aiyana in a new daycare and having just switched her to the snot nosed toddler room and me with a compromised pregnant immune system, we are not a good pair and it seems that we are just swapping viruses back and forth. Hopefully this will be the end of the sickies for a while though.

On a more positive note... Dana and I had a good time last weekend on our trip to Palm Springs California for his friend's engagement party. Check out the wonderful view from his future father-in-law's house. He lives on a beautiful PGA golf course.

This weekend we celebrated Dana's big 3-0. I pulled together a surprise birthday party for him at Maria Maria's Restaurant in the Tempe Marketplace. We followed up with a night of games at Dave & Busters. Might I add that Dana is the hardest person to throw a surprise party for. I won't even begin to explain how much work it took to keep this from him and to keep him at bay with the plans for his birthday. There were 18 guests and it was a wonderful evening. Here is a group shot of everyone who showed up. Derrick and Jen are missing because the Little Zahne is about ready to arrive so Jen wasn't feeling up to sticking around for dinner.

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tbsomeday said...

glad everyone if finally feeling better
sounded just miserable!

happy birthday dana!
glad you had a lovely time
nice of you to put together a party!